No Symptom

Costa Rica no longer requests a negative result for the RT-PCR test.
However, anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 will be refused entry into the country.

Please note, the country through which you are making a stopover may request a negative result for the RT-PCR or antigen test test. Make sure you are sure to meet all the boarding conditions.

Travel insurance

Since August 2021, if you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to purchase travel insurance.

If you are not vaccinated, you must purchase travel insurance. Choose it carefully !

When it comes to international insurance, it must meet at least three of the conditions established by the Costa Rican government :

• Policy validity during the stay in Costa Rica (If you need to extend your stay, you absolutely must extend the duration of your insurance),

• Minimum coverage of 2000 USD for extended accommodation costs due to pandemic illness,

• Guarantee that it covers medical expenses in the event of a COVID 19 pandemic illness in Costa Rica for at least 50,000 USD

You can choose insurance from your country that meets all these conditions or choose the costarican insurance that complies to all that requests :
INS (Instituto de seguro Costarricense)

Last minute (November 13, 2021 ): The QR Code and the Health Pass should be implemented soon but the measure is for the moment delayed following an appeal presented to the Administrative Court by tourism stakeholders.

"Health Pass"

Once you have taken out adequate travel insurance, you must complete the "Pase de salud" form.

In this form you will need to provide information about your travel insurance for it to be reviewed and approved by the Costa Rican authorities.

Depending on the (international) insurance you have chosen the form can generate:

• A green code : you can go to the migration post without worry,

• A purple code : the insurance will have to be validated manually by an ICT (Costa Rica Tourism Institute) agent on site.

• A code red : this means that you have not fulfilled all the required conditions. This may cause your refusal of entry into the country by the migration service.

Fill the "Health Pass"

Return to your Country

Find out about all the health requirements of the destination country : you may be required to be tested or quarantined on arrival.

Also pay attention to the requirements of the countries in which you stopover. For example The Netherlands requires an antigen test 4 hours before the flight.

You can do your RT-PCR test or your antigen test in San Ramón at Laboratorios Méndez: 2445 3833/8439 5906
• Antigen test: 45,000 colons - results within 24 hours maximum.
• RT-PCR test: 68,000 colons - results between 24 and 36 hours.