The indigenous Maleku tribe is Costa Rica’s smallest with just over 600 people remaining! It is therefore not only a chance to still be able to discover them but to visit them it is also to help them ensure the subsistence of their community.

The Maleku are proud to have kept their traditions, culture and language alive. What matters most to the Malekus is the FOREST which means LIFE to them ! They find there the raw materials for their roofs, the fibers for their traditional clothes, their natural medicine, their art, etc. They reforest to maintain their natural living conditions there and for jaguars and falcons to return to live near their reserve.

According to their beliefs, birds are our sisters and mammals are our brothers. They honor Tócu who expresses himself in all natural manifestations. The Malekus have a powerful environmental message and you too will undoubtedly be touched by their history, culture, art and rituals.

The Traditional Tour: Hear a brief history of the Maleku people, walk through the reforestation project and medicinal gardens, savor a traditional lunch, participate in a painting workshop of your own Maleku artwork, and enjoy a traditional ceremony.

Timetable : From 9 am for a period between 3 and 4 hours with reservation required.

Included in our packs

• A tailor-made Gourmet Dinner for two people. Our dishes are homemade using mostly organic, local and seasonal raw ingredients and often include vegetables from the garden, artisan cheeses and French pastries.

• One night in a comfortable chalet with hot water, relaxation area and king size bed equipped with high-end bedding : bamboo or linen sheets, alpaca wool blanket.

Pack for 2 people :
• Night in a Chalet
• Visit of the Malekus Indigenous
300 $
(We do not make any profit on the visit)